Order of Merit of Savoy

New Members


Dama Beverly J. Burke
Dama Patricia Killen


Cav. Prof. Craig J.N. De Paulo
Cav. Avv. Edward Moritz
Cav. Luke I. Pontifell
Cav. Rev. J. Williamson Rick, III
Cav. Anthony G. Viscogliosi
Cav. Deacon Avv. Robert J.A. Zito


Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus

New Members


Cavaliere di Gran Croce H.E. Theodore Cardinal McCarrick


Gran Ufficiale H.E. Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli


Dama di Commenda Anna Moffo Sarnoff

Ufficiale Msgr. Kevin J. Sullivan

Dama Joan J. Bartilucci


Cav. Avv. Roy Louis De Barbieri
Cav. Avv. Douglas W. Densmore
Cav. Avv. John Leopoldo Fiorilla
Cav. Dott. R. Brandon Fradd
Cav. Dott. Stephen Hofmeister
Cav. William Potter Johns
Cav. Daniel F. Kelly
Cav. Rev. Richard Seagraves
Cav. Peter O. Wirth
Cav. Cyril Woods




To Commendatore:

Comm. Richard Cosnotti

Comm. Prof. Theodore "Ted" H. Jacobsen


To Ufficiale:
Uff. Avv. E. Wayne Bachus

Uff. Marco Grassi





THE BROOK, NEW YORK CITY                                               

JUNE 4, 23004


The Foundation's Annual Spring Reception and Dinner took place on June 4th at The Brook in New York City. The event was organized by Uff. Avv. David V. Skoblow, who is Chairman of the Development  Committee of the Foundation.  Use of The Brook facilities were made possible by Uff. Rev. Canon Harry E. Krauss.


This Spring event was the most successful yet and attracted a record number of members and guests who supported the charitable work of the American Foundation of Savoy Orders.


Guests of Honor included H.E. Cav. Gr. Cr. Celestino Migliore, Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations; H.E. Gr. Uff. Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, U.S.A.; H.E. Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli, Bishop of Patterson, New Jersey; and Msgr. Kevin L. Sullivan, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New






New Orleans

May 8, 2004


Cav. Gr. Cr. Avv. Carl J. Morelli, Delegate of HRH Prince Victor Emmanuel of  Savoy for the American Delegation of Savoy Orders, made a formal presentation of Diplomas and Insignia to Cav. Dott. Earl Quinn Peeper, who was installed as a Cavaliere  (Knight) of the Order of Merit of Savoy, and to Cav. Carlo Capomazza di Campolatarro who was promoted to the grade of Ufficiale (Officer) in the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus.  Professional and business obligations had prevented their attendance at installation and promotion ceremonies in New York  City last December. The ceremonies took place at the home of Cav. Dott. Peeper and were attended  by members of the Peeper and Capomazza families.





UMBERTO II: His Life as Crown Prince,

Lieutenant General of the Realm and King

October 18, 2004


In honor of the centenary of his birth in September 1904, His late Majesty, King Umberto II, last King of Italy, was the subject of an in-depth lecture prepared by Cav. Gr. Cr. Francesco Carlo Griccioli, a scholar, writer and lecturer on European military history and the current Delegate for Tuscany of the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy, and was delivered at and by the Director of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, Cav. William P. Johns, on Monday 18 October 2004. This was the second in the American Delegation of Savoy Orders’ History Lecture Series chaired by Cav. Marco Grassi and was sponsored as a fund-raising benefit for the charitable work of the American Foundation of Savoy Orders. The lecture, entitled, Umberto II: His Life as Crown Prince, Lieutenant General of the Realm and King, was followed by a reception in the Society's historic portrait gallery.


The full text of the lecture may be viewed on the Royal House of Savoy page, History Section of this website, or by going directly to:





Thursday, December 9, 2004


On the eve of the American Delegation Mass, Convocation and Investiture/Promotion ceremonies, Uff. Richard Torrenzano invited the members of the Savoy Orders to a cocktail reception at his New York City apartment in honor of new members and those recently promoted.  This well attended event provided an excellent opportunity for existing members to meet their new confreres in an informal atmosphere against the background of spectacular panoramic views of the New York City skyline from Uff. Torrenzano’s  31st floor apartment high above the city.  Our thanks to Uff. Torrenzano for his generosity and gracious hospitality.





Friday, December 10, 2004


A Mass and Convocation of the Knights and Dames of the American Delegation was held in the University Church of St. Joseph, the oldest Catholic Church in New York State.  The pastor of the Church, Uff. The Very Rev. John P. McGuire, O.P., is Chaplain of the American Delegation.


Principal Celebrant was His Excellency Cav. di Gran Croce Archbishop Celestino Migliore, Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations.  Con-celebrating the Mass was Fr. McGuire, who also delivered the Homily, and two new members of the Savoy Orders, Cav. Rev. Richard Seagraves and Uff. Msgr. Kevin L. Sullivan, the Director of Catholic Charities in New



Cav. Rev. Dott. Thomas B. Rich served as Deacon and read the Gospel.  Uff. Rev. Canon Harry Krauss, Ceremoniarius of the Delegation,  was in charge of the procession of Knights and Dames.  Cav. Rev. J. Williamson Rick, III was master of ceremonies.  And, Gr. Uff. Robert dei Baroni LaRocca served as chief of protocol.  Music Director was Dr. Marsha Long who sang beautifully accompanying herself on both harp and organ.  In addition to the Fanfara e Marcia Reale, the Royal Italian Fanfare and March, which was played as the procession entered the church, Dr. Long gave a splendid rendition of the Inno Nazionale Sardo, the National Anthem of the Kingdom of Sardinia, the traditional Royal Anthem of Italy.


Representing the Grand Master H.R.H. Prince Victor Emmanuel of Savoy was Cav. di Gran Croce Dott. Sergio Pellecchi, Coordinator of Delegations outside Europe.   American Delegate Cav. di Gran Croce Avv. Carl J. Morelli assisted with the Investiture together with Gr. Uff. La Rocca, Uff. Avv. David Skoblow and Delegation Administrator Jeffrey A. Ryan. 


Seventeen knights and dames were invested or received promotions, including: Dama Beverly J. Burke, Cav. Prof. Craig J. N. De Paulo, Cav. Avv. Edward Moritz, Cav. Luke I. Pontifell, Cav. Anthony G. Viscogliosi, Cav. Deacon Avv. Robert J. A. Zito, Comm. Prof. Theodore “Ted”  H., Jacobsen, Comm. Richard L. Cosnotti, Dama di Comm. Anna Moffo Sarnoff, Uff. Avv. E. Wayne Bachus, Uff. Msgr. Kevin L. Sullivan, Dama Joan Bartilucci, Cav. Avv. Douglas W. Densmore, Cav. Avv. John Leopoldo Fiorilla, Cav. Dott. R. Brandon Fradd, Cav. Dott. Stephen Hofmeister, Cav. William P. Johns, Cav. Daniel F. Kelly, Cav. Rev. Richard Seagraves, and Cav. Peter O. Wirth.






Friday, December 10, 2004


Gathered at the historic Century Association, a private arts and letters club housed in an Italian Renaissance palazzo style edifice designed by Stanford White in 1889, members of the American Delegation and their guests celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of H.M. King Umberto II of Italy, honored the new members and promotions of the Delegation and helped raise money for the charitable work of the American Foundation of Savoy Orders which organized and sponsored the event.  The white/black tie event was a great success with approximately 170 members and guests attending.  Organized by the Foundation’s Chairman of the Development Committee,  Uff. Avv. David Skoblow, and Dinner Chairman Uff. Avv. John Fiorilla, Uff. Fiorilla acted as Master of Ceremonies.  Foundation President Cav. di Gran Croce Avv. Carl J. Morelli welcomed the guests and spoke about the multiple purposes of the evening and the principles and mission of the Savoy Orders and the Savoy Foundation.


He also thanked the Foundation Board of Directors for their support and guidance and introduced the honorees present at the dinner.  Representing the Grand Master, H.R.H. Prince Victor Emmanuel of Savoy, was Cav. di Gran Croce Dott. Sergio Pellecchi, Coordinator of Delegations outside Europe, who delivered a message from the Prince and who spoke of the history of the Royal House of Savoy.  Uff. Monsignor Kevin L. Sullivan delivered the Invocation.  The loyal toasts were delivered by Comm. Richard L. Cosnotti to Their Royal Highnesses, by Cav. di Gran Croce Avv. Morelli to the President of the United States, by Gr. Uff. Robert dei Baroni LaRocca to the Dynastic Orders of the House of Savoy, and by Uff. Avv. Skoblow

to the American Delegation.


Among the special guests were the Grand Master’s nephew, H.R.H. Prince Michel of Yugoslavia and His Excellency Cav. di Gran Croce Archbishop Celestino Migliore, Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations.



Welcoming Speech

Cav. Gr. Cr. Dott. Sergio Pellecchi

Coordinator of Delegations Outside Europe

Representing the Grand Master,

HRH Prince Victor Emmanuel of Savoy


Festa Natale

New York

December 10, 2004


Good evening Confreres, Ladies and Gentlemen:


I have been asked by His Royal Highness, Prince Victor Emmanuel of Savoy, to serve as his official representative this evening, and it is in that capacity that I have the honor and the pleasure to greet you tonight in this beautiful Club and in this wonderful City of New York.


HRH deeply regrets he cannot be with us this evening, but he hopes he will be able to join us in

New York next year at the Ballo di Savoia and meet all of you.


I also want to thank you personally for being here this evening, and I hope you will all want to attend future events in view of help to the suffering people.


Last weekend, in occasion of the Capitolo in Aix-les-Bains, the Prince asked me to make a speech, and he had a few recommendations for me:  First, be short.  Second, be sweet.  And third, and most important, he said, “Don’t be annoying.”


Well, I always follow the Prince’s advice, but I can only guarantee those first two recommendations, but I can only trust you to tell the Prince I tried my best to follow number



And I also hope that providing you a few words about the millenary history of the Savoy House will make you more likely to tell the Prince that I not only followed his recommendations, but also

that I was successful.


As most of you know, the House of Savoy traces its origins to the Tenth Century rulers of the area where today France, Italy and Switzerland come together in the vicinity of Lake Geneva.


The first Count of Savoy, Umberto Biancomano, Humbert the Whitehanded (born about 976) was granted lands there by the German Emperor Conrad II.


As each of the great powers of medieval Europe played out their hands, the Counts, and later the Dukes of Savoy, consolidated their rule.


The Order was founded in 1434 by the Duke of Savoy, Amedeus VIII.  Then, in 1572, under the statutes he laid down, Pope Gregory XIII officially created the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus.


The Pope conferred the Grand Mastership of the Order on Emmanuel Filbert, Duke of Savoy, and his descendants.


His military talents eventually enabled him to become a significant figure in the Italian peninsula.


More than a century later, Victor Amadeus II of Savoy, as a result of his astute maneuvers, was granted the title of King in 1713, first of Sicily, and then of Sardinia in 1720.


From the 18th until the mid 20th Century, the House of Savoy played an increasingly significant role in the history of modern Italy.


Surviving the Napoleonic Era, the Dynasty gradually became the foremost Italian political power.


King Charles Albert, 1831-1849, did much to modernize his country politically and economically.


He, followed by King Victor Emmanuel II, presided over the Risorgimento, the process of unifying the entire Italian peninsula.


The Savoys remained Kings of a united Italy until the turmoil of World War II led to a referendum which narrowly established a Republic in 1946.


The last King, Humbert II, died in 1983.


His son, Prince Victor Emmanuel IV, now living in Switzerland, is the present head of the House

of Savoy and Grand Master of its Dynastic Orders.


Today, the Order’s primary objective is to aid the needy and the sick, and be charitable in its



This is accomplished by helping to create a better world in everyday life through the exemplary traits of a true knight:  honesty; loyalty; understanding; generosity; forgiveness; and, above all, fighting injustice at all levels whenever and wherever encountered.


Membership is more than a nominal honor: it involves active participation in charitable

contributions and benevolent work.


All the charitable actions are totally transparent and public.


At present the Order has some 3000 members, both Knights and Dames (recently admitted), represented in 33 Delegations throughout the World.


The American Delegation of the Dynastic Orders of the House of Savoy acts as liaison with the Chancelleries of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus and the Order of Merit of Savoy in

Geneva, Switzerland.


The American Delegate is appointed by the Grand Master of the Orders.


The Grand Chancellor of the Orders, HRH Prince Emmanuel Filbert, Prince of Venice and Prince of Piedmont, is the son of Prince Victor Emmanuel IV.


The foreign charitable activities of the Orders are directed the Association Internationale des Chevaliers des Ordres Dynastique de la Maison Royale de Savoie (International Association of Knights of the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy), and the Oeuvres Hospitalières.


The domestic charitable activities of the Orders in the United States are directed by the American

Foundation of Savoy Orders, Incorporated.


Well, I think it’s now time to follow the Prince’s first recommendation.  I hope I fulfilled.


I appreciate your attention and hope you found this little historical tour of our Order as interesting as that history has been to our country.


Festa di Natale

December 10, 2004

Remarks of Cav. Gr. Cr. Avv. Carl J. Morelli

American Delegate of the Savoy Orders


Thank you, John (Uff. Avv. John Fiorilla).


Your Royal Highness, members of the clergy, confreres in the Savoy Orders, and honored guests. 


Welcome to our dinner.  I am pleased so many people are here tonight to show their support for the Savoy Orders and the charitable work of the Savoy Foundation.


We are here this evening for three very good reasons:


First, to celebrate the 100th anniversary year of the birth of King Umberto II of Italy--former Grand Master of the Savoy Orders—who, as most of you know, was the father of our present Grand Master, HRH Prince Victor Emmanuel of Savoy;


Second, to congratulate the newly installed members and those who were promoted in the Dynastic Orders of the House of Savoy who were invested and presented this afternoon; and


Third, to help us fulfill the mission of the Savoy Orders  – charity, education and humanitarian aid in the continuing tradition of chivalric principles applied in the modern world.


We are happy to report that thanks to your generous contributions, the programs with which the Foundation has been involved over the years have included:


  • the purchase of an ambulance for St. Vincent’s Hospital;
  • contributions to Catholic Charities World Trade Center Fund;
  • support of the hospice program of Cabrini Hospital;
  • funding orphanages run by Boys Town of Italy; and
  • relief of victims of catastrophes such as earthquakes and floods.


The Savoy Foundation’s mission is supported primarily by the wonderfully generous members of the Dynastic Orders of the House of Savoy and friends of the Savoy Orders like you.


And while you will all be receiving detailed information in a few weeks, I also wanted to share this evening that the Foundation has recently established three endowment funds as we look to our growth and the sustainability of our mission for the future:  one for charitable works; one in support of education about the Savoy Orders and the history of Italy and the Royal Family; and one to assure the effective operation of the Foundation.  Our goal is to grow these funds to a level where they can truly advance our mission.


Last year, the House of Savoy celebrated its millennium anniversary.  We can point with pride to the fact that today the Savoy Orders have more than 3,000 members – distributed among 33 Delegations and – spread over 3 continents.  The American Delegation has 130 of those members in 15 States and Canada.  And our numbers continue to grow.


And so we gathered together at the Mass this afternoon and at this evening’s joyful Festa di Natale – with our esteemed guests, not only to celebrate – but also to contemplate and to rededicate.


To Contemplate the core values and virtues of chivalry that form the essence of who we are -- what we stand for – and what we do as members of ancient Orders of Chivalry in a modern world;


To Celebrate the history and the traditions of the Royal House of Savoy and its Dynastic Orders; and, most importantly,


To Rededicate ourselves – to continue to foster in the modern world – and in our own unique way – the educational, the charitable and the humanitarian work of the Savoy Orders. 


Thank you.



Letter from HRH Prince Victor Emmanuel of Savoy

Grand Master of the Savoy Orders

On the occasion of the Festa di Natale

December 10, 2004


Ginevra, 19 Novembre 2004




Cari Confratelli, Gentili Signore e Signori,


     Ancora una volta la Delegazione Americana ha organizzato questo simpatico Pranzo di Natale con l’entusiasmo, la generosità e la creatività di sempre.


     Sono dispiaciuto di non poter essere tra voi, ma il mio cro amico Sergio Pellecchi, che mi rappresenta in questa cerimonia, vi spiegherà il motivo della mia assenza.


     Dopo il nostro rientro in Italia, mio Figlio ed io, abbiamo avuto un programma molto intenso e fitto di eventi.  Siamo stati accolti in ogni luogo con tanto affetto e con calorose manifestazioni di amore, che ci hanno ripagato, in parte, dei tanti anni sofferti in esilio.


     La sera del 10 Dicembre sarò con voi con lo spirito ma davvero spero poter essere presente alla prima prossima occasione.


    Nel congratularmi ancora con la Delegazione Americana, vi invio un affettuoso confraterno saluto.


                                          Vittorio Emanuele





                                                                     Geneva, November 19, 2004




Dear Confreres and distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,


     Once again, with its usual enthusiasm, generosity and creativity, the American Foundation of Savoy Orders has arranged a beautiful evening for this Festa di Natale 2004.


     We are indeed sad not to be able to be among you this evening, but my dear friend Sergio Pellecchi, who is representing me at this event, will explain to you the reason for my absence.


     Since the end of our exiles, and our happy return to Italy, my son and I have had a very busy schedule, including many public appearances in our homeland.  We were received throughout Italy with demonstrations of warm affection.  To a large extent, this has helped to make up for the many years we were deprived of seeing our country.


     We will be with you in spirit on the evening of December 10, and we truly hope to be able to be there in person at your next Savoy event.


     With warm congratulations to the supporters of the American Foundation of Savoy Orders, I am pleased to send to you all my affectionate and confraternal greetings.


                                                                     Victor Emmanuel