Welcome to the web site of the American Delegation of Savoy Orders.

The American Delegation of Savoy Orders, which includes the United States of America and Canada, is one among 35 delegations of the Savoy Orders located throughout Europe and the Americas.

The Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy are among the oldest orders of chivalry in the world. Their origins and their principles, traditions and humanitarian goals, like those of Royal House of Savoy that has the hereditary right to confer them, date back a thousand years.

This web site is designed to provide information about the Savoy Dynasty, the Savoy Orders, its members, activities, news and recent events, as well as links to related sites on the Internet.

On this Home Page you will find messages from:

HRH Prince Victor Emmanuel of Savoy, Head of the House of Savoy and Grand Master of the Savoy Orders; Cav. Gr. Cr. Johannes Niederhauser, Grand Chancellor of the Savoy Orders; and Carl J. Morelli, American Delegate of the Savoy Orders.

This web site was inaugurated in 2003. It is the first web site in English to gather in one place the history of Savoy, the Savoy family, and the Savoy Orders of chivalry; as well as information about the activities and members of the Savoy Orders (please note, however, that the Members Page is password protected).

We welcome your interest, wish you a pleasant and informative visit, and invite your comments.
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Message from the Grand Master of the Savoy Orders,
H.R.H. Prince Victor Emmanuel of Savoy

Message from the Grand Chancellor of the Savoy Orders,
Cav. Gr. Cr. Johannes Niederhauser

Message from the American Delegate of the Savoy Orders,
Gr. Cr. Avv. Carl J. Morelli

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